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River-run flatfish - Flounder fishing takes off in June in the lower Cape Fear River.    A Carolina Beach woman has flounder pinpointed for summer trips in the lower Cape Fear River; here’s what she looks for.... Read the Full Article. 

How To:   Fishing for Spring Trout by Capt Amanda King
(Published by Coastal Carolina Fisherman E-Magazine)
Knowing the “where”, “when”, and “how” are the most asked questions and importantly so.  I’m going to give you my 2 biggest secrets for these larger fish:  Location and Time. Figuring out those two combinations are a ticket to bigger Trout – let me explain. Read the Full Article. 

How To Fish the Tides by Capt Amanda King
(Published by Coastal Carolina Fisherman E-Magazine)
We’ve all seen the t-shirts, mugs, and social media memes listing fishermen’s excuses for not catching fish. “Current is too strong”, “bait was scarce”, “water was too hot”, “should’ve been here yesterday”, etc. Go ahead and admit it, we’ve all used a few of those at one time or another (myself included)!  Don’t throw your rod in the water just yet, simply check the tide tables before you leave on your next trip. Tide stage is often overlooked by many people, but it’s utilized daily for those of us looking to put fish in the boat for dinner!  Read the Full Article. 

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